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Pete Parker's Fundraising Page

$1,809.00 raised
GOAL: $2,500.00


I have been affiliated with Pathways to Aviation for the past four years. There are many things I love about this organization. What I value most is that nearly every dollar contributed to this organization, including funds previously received from license plate sales, goes directly to programs.

Pathways to Aviation has opened and continues to knock on new doors so that young people are given the opportunity to learn about the world of aviation. Whether it's to learn STEM-related lessons through the principles of flight, or to take steps towards pilot certification, or to pursue a career in the aviation industry, this organization makes it all happen.

When the new year started, Pathways to Aviation embarked on an exciting journey to inform, inspire, and engage an increasing number of young people with aviation industry. The map of this journey includes many features, including:

  • Expanding our reach to all of Nevada and parts of California;
  • Hosting field trip experiences at airports and aviation businesses;
  • Guiding high school and college students toward exciting careers;
  • Providing scholarships for those seeking certifications and college degrees;
  • Making presentations to elementary, middle, and high school students;
  • Attending career fairs and workshops at schools ;
  • Coordinating industry special events and educational programs; and,
  • Connecting aviation business leaders to each other and local/statewide leaders.

If you know of any other organization which goes to such great lengths to invest in an industry's future, please let me know. Pathways to Aviation is truly dedicated to creating opportunities, especially aviation's future workforce.

Please join me in making a contribution to Pathways to Aviation.

This organization, led by one staff member and nine board members, cannot succeed without the financial assistance. Every dollar contributed to this organization goes directly to programs.

I invite you to learn more about Pathways to Aviation. The following links should paint a very descriptive picture of how we do things and how we allocate generous resources.

Fundraising brochure
2016 in review
Description of educational programs
Editorial in Reno Gazette-Journal (April 2017)

Thanks for considering a contribution to this extraordinary organization.

Yours in Flight,