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Invest in Aviation's Next Generation!

In response to growing popularity, community support, and interest from our aviation partners, Air Race patrons can expect a more impressive experience this September.

Growing from a 200 square foot tent in 2013, our presence at the Reno Air Races has grown to an 81,000 square foot section on the Air Race campus. Located in the former “heritage” section, the Aviation Learning Center will provide educational, historical, and careers programs for aviation enthusiasts of all ages.


We're conducting inspiring programs!

The Center will be visually highlighted by multiple classroom and workshop tents, the Drone Zone, and historic and modern aircraft assets.

New to this year’s Aviation Learning Center will a career development program, particularly for high school students. The initiative is a newly created “next step” for students, following educationally-focused field trips at the Reno Air Races. Roughly 1,000 students will attend on-site classes in the areas of aircraft, rocketry, space exploration, and drones. Upon completion, they will be introduced to college representatives to learn about the educational pathways to pursue their aviation interests. The students will then meet with aviation-relation business executives, who will discuss job shadowing, internship, part-time, and full-time opportunities.

High School Friday is a new addition to the field trip program, which was expanded at the 2015 Reno Air Races and attracted a record number of students. There are currently 2,200 K-12 participants registered for the field trips to the 2016 Reno Air Races. Last year, we began the recruitment of the eventual 3,100 students exactly one month prior to Air Race week. The projected field trip attendance for the 2016 Reno Air Races is 5,000 students.


We'll make a big difference!

Through Air Race Week, we will...

  • Introduce local youth to aviation. Many young people do not know about aviation, ever seen nor touched an aircraft, or been exposed to flight. The aviation education program will simply introduce aviation to K-12 students.
  • Inspire students through standards-targeted aviation curriculum. Applied learning is a stimulus toward student achievement. The aviation education program is designed to introduce applications through classroom discussion and hands-on activities as a tool to inspire career aspirations and achieve improve academic performance.
  • Engage students with two- and four-year colleges offering aviation-related certificates and degrees, as well as aviation executives seeking interns and new full-time hires.
  • Promote scholarships for students seeking aviation-related careers. We expect to see an increase in applications received from 12th grade students interested in pursuing post-secondary education targeting careers in the world of aviation.
  • Perpetuate the growth of aviation. Society will always rely upon aviation. With the need for quality pilots on the rise, the ever-increasing development of drone technology, and new frontiers in space exploration, we aim to fascinate young people. Through our programs and those we support, we hope to inspire continued engagement of young men and women in the world of aviation.


The Return on Your Investment will be huge!

Measuring the effectiveness of the aviation education program is a key element to its sustainability. Each event, action, student, instructor, and mentor is regularly monitored to track interaction, evaluate performance, elicit feedback, foster support, and position toward further next steps.

For example, with programs conducted in the Aviation Learning Center at the 2016 Reno Air Races, we’ll know exactly which classes students will take. We’ll also learn the aspects of and specialties within the aviation industry, which students find most appealing. Teachers will evaluate performance and participation to gauge effectiveness, synchronicity with STEM instruction, and identify students most interested in aviation.

The Pathways to Aviation donor database provides intuitive prospect management capabilities, which enables us to track event attendance, activity and class participation, student resumes and career interests, mentor profiles, mentor-to-mentee relationships and contact management, and job/internship endorsements.


Donations provide the flight map to excellence!

Through the generous support of financial contributors (investors), the expanded Aviation Learning Center will create immediate impact during the third week of September. The ripple-effect will be felt throughout the rest of the 2016/2017 school year and beyond, impacting young men and women, and opening new doors of educational, career, and workforce achievements.

100% of financial support to Pathways to Aviation directly impacts young people by creating opportunities of informing, inspiring, and engaging them within the world of aviation.


Please consider a tax-deductible contribution today!

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